Christian Asbach

Christian Asbach, freier Regisseur, Kameramann, Cutter, Sänger und Medienpädagoge. Hat in Leipzig, Cluj, Lissabon und Berlin Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften studiert und Sprachen gelernt (En, Fr, Ro, Pt, Es, It, Nl, Sw). Jobs als KFZ-Mechaniker, Pressereferent, Tischler, Packer, Kellner, Landarbeiter und Altenpfleger. Geboren 1976 im Westerwald.

Christian Asbach (M.A.) likes to regard himself as oldschool european intellectual and fan of craftsmanship. Trained scholar in the fields of Aesthetics and Media History, he took the step from theory to the practices of directing, cinematography, and editing. His clients are mainly institutions of science, education, and the arts. Besides freelance film work, he sings in a band and does occasional odd jobs as hauler, painter, teacher, and gardener.